The Myths and Truths of Crime & Prison

A workshop designed and ran by ex-offenders and victims of crime talking about the myths and truths of crime and prison. The workshop uses video interviews and allows the participants to ask questions to the panel.

Exploring the Content of #GETHELP

A workshop with an Applied Theatre specialist and an actor from the play looking at the issues and themes raised in the piece. The workshop will provide a safe place for young people to talk openly about mental health using the play and the struggles the young people face in it.

Every #GETHELP participant will receive a leaflet with useful contacts in and information about the project.

This is the one we had made for Buile Hill Visual Arts College.

"Gritty & Real"


-Molly (Pupil)

"The play was awesome! You have changed opinions about carrying knives. It was so relatable"

Workshop Speakers

Joining us for the Myths and truths of Crime and Prison workshop we had three guest speakers, Jasen Williams, Janieve Petruzis & Leyton Williams. All three have experiences with the crime lifestyle and prison and are now active within their communities helping young people find and choose a different path, shedding light on the realities of being in prison and the toll it takes on friends, families and the wider community. Here's what they say about the #GETHELP project!

Crime WS Speakers.jpg

 Leyton Williams 

 Jasen  Williams 

 Janieve Petruzis 

"I thought the play was true to life and hard hitting, the actors made it real and could relate to the kids! It made me go away thinking how sad it was that Callum died. The play and the workshops was great and the young people listened to us all. I'm looking forward to getting more involved."

"I felt proud to support this cause. It's all our responsibility to educate our kids and be there for them. If we can get a message across through this play then so be it. Issues need addressing, too m any kids suffer and have suffered. Let's get it out loud and clear, #GETHELP."